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Jeff Buckley
Be the best.
No negativity,
No weakness,
No acquiescence to fear or disaster,
No errors of ignorance,
No evasion from reality.
- Jeff Buckley

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A blog entirely dedicated to the beautiful and talented Jeff Buckley

Forever in our hearts
We love you, Jeff!


I miss him

I miss here



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Doubletake Magazine Interview


Josh Farrar: I’m interested in your early musical experiences. Some of your earliest musical memories, when you started listening to music, when you started to play the guitar, when you started to sing.

Jeff Buckley: It’s been not so much a preoccupation as a companion. I hit me just like it hit everybody, really, as far as I know. There are people who take it on as a dry vocation. Music is like violence, it’s accompanied mankind the whole way.




An Interview with Glen Hansard of The Frames.

Hansard talks about befriending a young guitar tech named Jeff Buckley and ends with a beautiful performance of Neath The Beeches which he wrote for Buckley.

(Jeff) went in to an Arista Records meeting and he showed up late. I waited for him in the reception area and he comes wandering in with a ripped t-shirt, his old flea market pants, and a see-through plastic bag containing Ajax and bathroom cleaner and he just carried that to the meeting with him. This meeting was with the president of the company.

George Stein, A Wished-For Song (via fuckyeahjeffbuckley)



Jeff Buckley - Yeh Jo Halka Saroor Hai (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan cover)

I like things to be more universal.
It’s a balance between… Obviously it’s got to grab some skin from me.
I like the way that songs sort of have light, and sort of travel around despite you. It’s good. It helps to have songs that you love, that you can be inside. It’s good. It’s part of the invention. On the outside of that you can say that I find great joy in the things that are sad. That’s the way emotions are in people. They fall down on you and there’s no way to get out, except to go through it. There’s no way you can control it, there’s no essay you can write to answer yourself out of it. It just soaks you like the rain. There’s nothing you can do. Then it’s gone and then another comes around. But tears are not all I deal with. I’ll leave that to the next album.



Nina Simone & Jeff Buckley - Lilac wine

Marco Rigamonti Remix

I love this remix. Perfecto Marco Rigamonti!

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Jeff Buckley at Earth Jam,  April 22, 1995 (x)

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